Our professions and specialties differ: history, football, karate, folk music, teacher, karaoke, Marilyn Monroe, watercolour painting and so on. Interpreters, guides and translaters but there are even more reasons for you to choose JapanPorten.

Mai är tolk och guide

Mai Tanaka

Mai Tanaka is born in Fukuoka, Southern Japan. She started study Swedish at the university in Osaka and continued at Swedish university after she moved to Sweden. Mai travels a lot and has a big interest in the countries’ culture and languages. She is very knowledgeable in school matters. Mai often travels all over Sweden to interpret meetings were the clients need Swedish-English-Japanese.

Kasumi guide för Japanporten i Tokyo

Kasumi Yokoyama

Kasumi has been living in Tokyo all her life. After working for years at different hotels, Thai Air and cruise ships, she is used to give customers “Japanese service”. She has also been living and working in Australia (speaks English-Japanese) and wishes she also could speak Swedish. This “small problem” she solved by marrying a Spanish gentleman who speaks Swedish after nine years in Malmö.

Mitsuhiro Tani

Matsushiro Tani lives in Tokyo; however he was born in Osaka. Tani is a football referee and maybe that is the reason for him to learn a bit of Spanish. He is fond of karaoke and great at finding restaurants and bars in Tokyo Metropolis. Studying languages since he was a young boy, he now speaks English, Swedish and some Spanish. He stayed in Sweden for a year when studying in the county of Värmland.

Tokie Tanaka

Tokie lives in Osaka and is a professional tour guide in Japan. She is always on her way somewhere for work or just on a private tour. When you travel in Japan, she would be your perfect companion and Osaka and Kyoto she knows as her own pocket. She is also fond of sports and do marathon running now and then. She speaks Swedish, English and some Spanish.

mikael japanporten

Mikael Adolphson

Mikael Adolphson is a professor of Japanese history at University of Cambridge and has Middle Ages as a special field. He is the boss for the Department of East Asian Studies. Mikael is the author of books on Buddhism, warriors and monks in English. He likes sports and has been a volleyball trainer for many years. Professor Adolphson gives lectures in Japan, Europe and North America.

Hanna Löfman

Hanna from Uppsala has a profound interest in Japan. She spent a few years in Japan and has experience from the working life in the country as well as being an assistant to Japan’s defense attaché at the Embassy in Stockholm, where she is now employed. She is a skillful illustrator and watercolour painter. Hanna speaks German besides English, Japanese and some Korean. She is interested in art, culture and likes discussing international politics.


Ulrika Yui

Ulrika Yui is born in Sweden. However since 1989 she lives in Tokyo. She came to Japan to train karate and she has 4th dan (one of the 10 black-belt grades) of proficiency in Kyokushin karate. Ulrika is a perfect companion when you are on a business trip in Japan and need an English-Japanese speaking interpreter. Sometimes she appears on Japanese TV as an expert on The Nordic countries. She has a license for interpreting in Japanese courtrooms (court trial interpreter).


Jerker Bergström

Jerker Bergström started Japanporten in 1998. In fact, he started the business eight years earlier in Osaka, using another company name. He is now our administrator and the person you probably will send your mails to. He has been practicing flower arrangement and tea ceremony for several years in Osaka. Jerker loves coffee and has visited at least one hundred coffee shops in the Osaka area. He is or was, a volleyball trainer and likes sports.

louise guide japanporten

Louise Bylund

Louise was born in Australia and has spent years in Iran and Ukraine, before moving with her Swedish parents to Stockholm when she was 11. Louise has two big passions in life: Japan and music. She plays nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle, an old-fashioned Swedish string instrument) and in 2015, she was awarded the prestigious title of Riksspelman (spelman=musician playing folk music). She spent five years working and studying in Japan. Louise also speaks excellent French.

Sofie arbetar hos Japanporten

Sofie Miku Linder

Sofie is the youngest among us and has both Japanese and Swedish as native languages. Born in Japan but brought up in Sweden, her favorite lessons were languages. This went on in high school, Kungsholmens gymnasium, as she added French, Latin and Italian. Sofie’s interests besides languages are anime, reading, and music. Today she studies French at Stockholm University. 


Ryoko Sato Linder

Ryoko writes translations and in the summer and autumn she is very busy guiding Japanese tourists in Stockholm. She moved to Sweden as an adult, and majored in International and comparative education at the Stockholm University. She was a high school teacher in Japan and likes history, geography, religion and philosophy. She loves music and plays many instruments. Second hand boutiques and antique stores are other favourites.

Sofia Malm

Sofia studies Journalism in Stockholm and love politics. She has a bachelor degree in Asian language and cultures and write articles for the Japanese magazine Björk. She likes Korean pop dance, to lift weights and calligraphy. On social media she talks about Swedish and Japanese culture to a Japanese audience. She has lived in Japan for 2 years.