English speaking guides in Stockholm and Japan

Our tour guides in Stockholm and Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan can take you to interesting historical sites, take you shopping, find you nice restaurants at any time from morning to night. Plan your own private tour together with your guide. Fees for guided tours below.

Price for a guide in Sweden & Japan

6-7 hours around SEK 5 700 - 7 800 for a small group. From SEK 620/h if you are alone. More concerning prices below.

Before leaving home
  • Discuss your plans with our tour guide
  • Ask the guide about activities
  • Tell us if tou want us to book your hotel

Hire your guide the very first day

If you stay several days, then hire a guide the very first day. During a day together with the guide, you get a lot of tips about attractions, suggestions for restaurants and a lot more.


Eva and Margareta visited Tokyo and Kyoto in November. In Kyoto they went to Shogun's castle. From The Sky Tree they had a magnificant view of Tokyo, then off to Ginza for shopping and of course Eva and Margareta had to see the world's most famous crossing in Shibuya. (Link to a page in Swedish)

Swedsih tourists in TokyoEva and Margareta on the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.
Can I make my own private tour? – Of course!

Send an e-mail to us and tell us what you want to see, what you want to do and maybe what you want to eat. We will give you suggestion for the day trip and you can call the guide when you arrive.

Book Tokie’s tours in Kyoto and Osaka

Tokie guiding tourists in Kyoto

Our tourist guide Tokie, guiding a group of 20 people through the alleys of Kyoto

Tokie has ready-made daily programs in Kyoto and Osaka:
  • Cook and eat lunch at Tokie’s place
  • One day in Kyoto
  • One day in Osaka
  • Craft your hanko (seal made of wood)
"We had lovely hours with Tokie! We got to see both Nijojo and walk around Gion. Absolutely perfect because she knows exactly where to go. We are really happy!"Malin

Your tour guide

  • Shows you the underground and ticket machines
  • Helps you to find suitable shops
  • Gives you advice
  • Teaches you about Japan or Sweden
  • Goes to meet you at your hotel

"We are, as I said, very happy with our stay and both Yoshiko and Tokie did everything they could to make us happy and see what we wanted."

Eva and Margareta wrote in a mail to us

English speaking guide in Japan


Hi! I'm Kasumi and work in Tokyo. Write and tell me how we can help you in Japan or in Sweden.

Send your mail

Sumo food in TokyoKicki and her friends having a sumo wrestler's meal in Tokyo

”Thanks to the friendly approach of Japanporten, we came in contact with our guide. Ulrika was an outgoing and a very personal guide.”

Hasse, Kicki, Christer, Lars & Ann from Malmo

Price for a guide in Sweden & Japan

SEK 5 700 - 7 800 for 6-7 h. when 2-4 people in the group.

From SEK 620/h if you travel alone.

More hours or several days give lower price/person and hour.


Send us a mail and tell us
  • when you want a guide
  • how many hours you want per day
  • what you like to do and see
  • how may people you are