English speaking interpreters in Sweden
also Japanese-English

 We interpret Japanese into English and Swedish. UNIQLO asked us for an English-Japanese interpreter to their press conference when the Japanese fashion company opened their first store in Stockholm.

Price English interpreter in Sweden

The price is usually SEK 730-1100 per hour for

weekdays. More about prices can be found below.


The weapons industry needed interpreters fluent in Japanese, English and Swedish when delegations from Japan and Germany visited Dynasafe's plant in Karlskoga.

INterpreter English-Swedish-JapaneseInterpreter Louis Bylund at Dynasafe's plant in Karlskoga.


Please tell us

  • what day you need interpretation
  • where the work will take place
  • what to interpret, what topic
  • what preparation you want us to do
  • how many hours/days you need us


I need English-Japanese

“I'd like to ask for an English Japanese interpreter...” Mr. Takeuchi from Osaka wrote in an e-mail. We have worked for him twice in Stockholm when he has visited to talk business with Epidemic Sound.

Interpreting Swedish-English in Stockholm concerning music

Representatives from Epidemic Sound, interpreter Mai Tanaka and Kazuhito Takeuchi of Studio Natureza, Osaka Japan.


Japanese fashion company MUJI opened their store in Stockholm in September 2019. Mai Tanaka interpreted Japanese into Swedish and English at the opening event.

Mai interpreting at MUJI's opening event Stockholm

CEO Satoru Matsuzaki, Reiko Sudo member of MUJI's Advisory Board and Japanese-English interpreter Mai Tanaka at Åhléns City, Stockholm.


When Mart Tiisman did his presentation on Modularity in Stockholm, we interpreted simultaneously between English and Japanese.

“Today I was able to a very fruitful meeting with my partner company through Ms. Tanaka's cooperation. I really appreciate you and her.

Kazuhito Takeuchi
Studio Natureza Co.,Ltd. Osaka.

Interpreter Mai at JapanPorten


I’m Mai and would like to interpret for you. Please write us a mail.

Send your mail

Interpreters in Japan

Our people in Tokyo and Osaka would love to interpret Japanese-English (or Swedish) for you or your client. Have a look at our web site in Japanese.

PC Mod event Tokyo Swedsih-Japanese Tani, sitting next to Frida Bergendal, interpreting Japanese-English at an event in Tokyo arranged by Fractal Design, Taiwan office.Among us we have no native English speaker. We speak Japanese and Swedish perfectly fluently. We speak English fluently or very well, it is more a question of definition: how well is fluent?

Price for interpreters in Sweden

Usually SEK 730-1100 per hour.

Simultaneous interpretation and other complex assignments might have a higher price.


Additional expenses: travel, accommodation, food.

Preparations have lower hourly price.

More hours/multiple days= lower hourly price.

Contact us for a quotation

Documents, scripts, agendas, photos, websites are examples of what clients send us so we can evaluate the assignment and give a quote.


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