Translating English, Swedish and Japanese

We translate Swedish, Japanese and English. Send us your text and we will send you a price.

Price for translations

SEK 1.50-3.00/word or character (about 4-8 words for £1). You will get a quotation when we have read your text.

More about prices, see below.

Tell us how important your text is

  • Who will read the translation?
    - You yourself, specialists, institutions, customers, technicians?
  • What is your purpose for your translation?
    - Sales, agreements, your own pleasure etc.
  • Is it urgent?

Japanese technical terms into English

Galderma in Uppsala, Sweden, sent us a medical report they wanted translated from Japanese into English and they needed it immediately,


This report contained many technical terms and such technical terms are often the difference between a simple and a difficult text.

School grades – Wedding Speeches – Karate

We have translated admission requirements from Japanese to Swedish for Japanese schools and letters about Karate.

It is popular among Swedes to hold wedding speeches in Japanese. You will get your text and even an audio file for your practice.

wtcc racers in Japan

Racing: The Swedish drivers Björk and Girolami, standing by the blue cars

We translated the names Björk and Girolami, the Swedish WTCC drivers’ names, into Japanese. The names were printed on stickers and put on the car windows when this WTCC race was broadcasted on Japanese TV.

“Thanks! We are very grateful that you could help us with such short notice!

Helena Wallin, Galderma

Aoi Japanese-Englsih translater Sweden


My name is Aoi. Send your text and we will quickly give you a price.

Mail your text

Wedding speeches in Japanese

Letters, brochures and Japanese wedding speeches are examples of translations. If you need a speech translated into Japanese or Swedish, we can also attach an audio file for you to use when practicing pronunciation.

Wedding in Japan

A shinto priest is leading the couple to a temple.

More about translations:
  • You can change the text during the translation.
  • We do not use translation programmes.
  • Welcome to send us Japanese-Swedish-English texts.


Price for translations

SEK 1.50-3.00/word/character,

the difficulties in the text and what it is used for (i.e. time), affect the price.


For faster quotation: send the text when you contact us.

Why is the price different for different texts?
  • The contents have varying difficulty.
  • The texts contain different numbers of characters/words.
  • Who the reader is (you, the Prime minister...).
  • Different texts are different important

  • Unclear original documents.
  • The time we are given for the task